Immersive-learning solutions designed to create an interactive real-world learning environment

Discover unique, customized solutions to elevate traditional learning approaches

  • Replicate real-world scenarios
  • Enhance attendee engagement
  • Change & measure learner behavior
  • Facilitate absolute attention by feeding the full complement of senses
  • Dramatically improve retention
  • Incorporate innovation and fun

Immersive Learning

places individuals in an interactive learning environment, either physical or virtual, to replicate possible scenarios or to teach particular skills or techniques

Incorporate mixed reality or virtual reality into a symposia presentation

Enhance live event engagement with immersive learning

10% of US physicians have used, and 48% of US physicians would like to use virtual reality for medical education and training in the future

DRG, Taking the Pulse 2007


Educate clinicians through small group personalized mixed reality or virtual reality experiences

Increase retention of clinical content through sensory deprived learning

Research shows a 90% retention rate of core content when immersive learning opportunities are disseminated to medical professionals

mobihealthnews, April 2017


Simulate real-world skills training through virtual reality clinical practice

Apply realistic practice procedures within a virtual environment

"After practicing medicine for 18 years, I cannot think of any other treatment I've used (short of life-saving maneuvers) with a greater immediate impact on patients than VR"

Brennan M. Spiegel, MD, Cedars-Sinai Health


Acquire new medical knowledge through virtual reality clinical practice

Use a variety of personal VR headsets to access immersive content anytime, anywhere, on any device

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Headset Use is Growing Exponentially and Units Sold are Expected to Hit 80 million by 2021

Forbes, September 2017


  • More clinicians educated.
  • More patients engaged.
  • More lives improved.




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